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Edward Creagan, MD: Mayo Clinic Cancer Doctor & End-of-Life Specialist

Edward Creagan - Mayo Clinic Cancer DoctorDr. Ed" is that friendly family doc everybody loves (really).

He explains medical talk so everyone can understand.   He's the author of How NOT to Be My Patient (on patient empowerment because the healthcare system truly is killing us) and Farewell (a book that answers the end-of-life questions families always ask). 

Not only a cancer specialist, he's the first Mayo Clinic palliative and hospice specialist.  He also speaks about the healing power of pets and the critical issues we all face as our healthcare providers are facing burnout and stress themselves.

Interview this Expert About: *
  • Healthcare and medicine
  • Cancer
  • End-of-life issues
  • Death and dying
  • Healing power of pets
  • Burnout
  • Stress
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
  1. What happens when the family cannot agree on end-of-life care for a dying family member?

  2. What are the two critical documents we all need as we age?

  3. What's the magic in the healing power of our pets?

  4. How can we survive even a scary diagnosis such as cancer?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Medical doctor board certified in internal medicine (cancer) and palliative and hospice medicine
  • 40 years of medical practice at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic
Expert's Website:


Booking Contact Email: *

Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (402) 516-2412
Expert's Location and Time Zone: *
Omaha, Nebraska, central time


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