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Robert Thibodeau: Author of the Book "Blind Faith"

Bob Thibodeau - Author of Blind FaithPastor Robert Thibodeau has been in ministry for 25 years.

He is a former US Army Officer and a retired police supervisor.   Along the way, he has accumulated many interesting stories and sees the underlying basis of modern day activities and beliefs outlined in Biblical characters. This book, "Blind Faith: Receiving What You Cannot See" is such a book.

This book is a look at the Biblical story of the blind man Jesus healed by putting mud on his eyes and then telling him to "Go and wash in the pool Siloam" (John 9:7). But instead of the normal Bible Study - this book looks at this story from the perspective of the "blind man."

He was sitting there, begging for alms, just as he did every day. He had heard of this "Jesus" that would do miracles.  He even knew a couple of blind friends that had been fortunate enough to be in the crowd that Jesus was talking to and they were healed.  But he had nobody to take him to find Jesus.

Then, one day, he hears the excitement going on. He hears people talking - about him. Then, all of a sudden, somebody is putting mud on his face. And then told him to go all the way across town to wash in the pool "Siloam." But he had nobody to escort him across, he had to go "by faith - every step of the way..." (And the story gets even better from there...)!

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Growing your faith so you can believe you will receive - even when it seems impossible.
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  1. How did you decide to write this book?
  2. What did YOU learn while writing this book?
  3. How is this book different from others you have written?
  4. What is the one thing you want your audience to have learned after reading this book?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Graduated from JSMI Bible Institute in 1999
  • Ordained in 2001
  • Retired from police force in 2011
  • Began online radio ministry in 2010
  • #1 rated radio online radio station in the world in 2015
  • Author of four books with another "in the process of editing."
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Baltimore, MD Eastern Time Zone


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