Beatrice DeSoprontu: Author of VICES/VIRTUES
Jenice Gutierrez: Cannabis Medical Miracle Patient & Activist

Pete Canavan: Personal Safety & Student Safety Expert-Author-Speaker

Pete Canavan - Personal Safety ExpertPete will make your audience safer both online & offline in just minutes by sharing critical safety secrets he has discovered through his unique blend of experience as an IT security consultant, self-defense instructor, university public safety officer, & event security professional.

He will provide advice on how to effectively protect yourself from online threats such as identity theft, phishing emails, hackers & malware. Pete is also able to impart valuable knowledge on how to stay safe from various offline physical threats from thieves, sexual predators, active shooters, & terrorists.

Interview this Expert About: *
  • Online safety concerns
  • Offline safety threats, and how to best protect you and your family from them.
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
  1. What is the easiest way to improve your personal safety?
  2. Is the most immediate threat to personal safety online or offline and why?
  3. Why are our daily routines a threat to our safety?
  4. When I am attacked, what can I do that can help me escape? (the phrasing of this is critical to the surprising answer)
Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • IT Security Consultant (23+ yrs) 
  • Martial Arts & Self-Defense Instructor (20+ yrs) 
  • Campus Safety Authority (3 yrs) 
  • Event Security Professional (2 yrs)
Expert's Website:
Booking Contact Email: *
Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (570) 288-3536
Expert's Location and Time Zone: *
Kingston, PA - EST (-5 GMT)

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