Robert Thibodeau: Author of the Book "Blind Faith"
Amanda Alexandria: Fitness is a Guide to Being Healthy & Beautiful by Celebrity Amanda Alexandria!

Desirel Calvin Lawrence: Brand Name Scientist & Author of POP-Power of Paradise

Desirel Calvin Lawrence:  Scientist & AuthorIf you have ever wondered what the secret to success truly is, then let me show you how your name can define everything you will ever become in life.

And, if you want to discover the deepest truths ever conceived through storytelling, empowering women, entrepreneurs, politicians and anyone interested in making a difference you have to check out the book POP-Power of Paradise written under the pen name Dave Skye.

Finally, if you have ever wondered how interesting the paranormal can be, then please see how Desirel got triggered to write a new language after struggling with Princess Diane's death.

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  • Designing your Name for the Highest Success
  • The book POP-Power of Paradise
  • His Paranormal Ability

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  • Author
  • Entrepreneur
  • Researcher
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (202) 403-9056
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Arlington, Virginia


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