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Beatrice DeSoprontu: Author of VICES/VIRTUES

Beatrice DeSoprontu - AuthorVICES/VIRTUES is a novel about a young woman who works in a real estate office by day and a professional S&M dungeon by night- but it is much richer than that.

There are stories about the relativity of race (ie Justine is considered "black" in the USA but "white" in Kenya), the effects of poverty (ie. the extreme efforts Griselda makes to hide the fact that she is on welfare) the path to God (ie. grace versus acts) and some very unusual fetishes.

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  1. What is the biggest misconception that the public has about people who engage in fetishes?

  2. Do you think that "class" issues have been ignored by mainstream American media?

  3. How much of ethnic, and perhaps even racial identity, is a choice?

  4. What do you hope readers will take away from this novel?
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One person's completely subjective (as is everyone's) yet very valid opinion
Expert's Website: https://beatricedesoprontu.com/
Booking Contact Email: * beatricedesoprontu@gmail.com
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New York tri-state EST

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