Amanda Alexandria: Fitness is a Guide to Being Healthy & Beautiful by Celebrity Amanda Alexandria!
Jenice Gutierrez: Cannabis Medical Miracle Patient & Activist

Tameez Abramjee: Decentralization Activist - Founder of Afridex

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is one of Tameez’s main passions and strives to use these technologies to create a better-decentralized world.

His goal is to create unity amongst the world between all different demo-graphical human beings. 

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  • Decentralization
  • Blockchain
  • Crypto
  • Afridex
  • Worlddex Events
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  1. Why Afridex?
  2. How can blockchain create global unity?
  3. What can we expect from this new era?
  4. How can this be the answer to world peace?
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South Africa

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