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Emily Gaudreau: Positive Body Safety Expert & Educator

Emily Gaudreau - Positive Body Safety Expert & EducatorEmily Gaudreau, a.k.a Emily G, brings an updated way for parents to talk to their kids about body safety, bullying and cyber ethics using nature and the outdoors to explain and "plant mental seeds" for further, more complicated conversations.

Emily solves the dilemma of the need to have conversations about sexual predators, bullying and porn but not really knowing how and when to start these conversations.

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  • How and when to talk to kids about sex and porn.
  • How to use nature as a starting point for these conversations. 
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  1. How is nature connected to on-line activity/cyber ethics ?
  2. Why is the 'sex talk' not enough anymore?
  3. What are kids experiencing socially that most parents don't know about?
  4. What's just hype and what is a real concern? (stats)
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Denver, Mountain Time

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