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* Bay Ragni: ECW Original Pro Wrestler Turned Podcast Host / Speaker *

ECW original, as well as part of pro wrestling favorite family "The Dudley Brothers", Bay Ragni, aka Chubby Dudley,  who is now the Award Winning host of Totally Driven Radio (Celebrity interviews) for 6 plus years.

Bay is also a public speaker, foodie and entrepreneur.

Bay has also been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis over 2 years ago, which is a rare auto-immune disease that took the lives of Comedian Bernie mac & NFL Legend Reggie White.

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  • Wrestling
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Being Totally Driven despite suffering from Sarcoidosis
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  1. How'd you get started in wrestling?

  2. Why did you leave the wrestling business for 15 years, and come back to it recently?

  3. Who are some of your favorite interview guests?

  4. How did you find out, you have Sarcoidosis?
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Philadelphia and Eastern

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