Patrick Fitzgibbons: Criminal Justice Expert
Ankit Shukla: Going Global - The Adventures of a Traveling Nurse

Patty Clark: Playful Storyteller in dis Messy World

Patty Clark - Damsel in Dis Mess (1)Dubbed as the modern day Erma Bombeck, I translate true events into sarcastic and relatable stories.


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  • How to turn the seriousness of life into humor
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  1. What prompted you to write?  
  2. Have you always been a Damsel in dis Mess?
  3. With proceeds from sales, do you plan to buy a condo at the beach?
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  • 6 time contest winner on
  • Columnist for The Parson's Sun newspaper in Kansas 2013-2015
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (909) 996-7981
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Encinitas, CA - Pacific time


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