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Patricia Penke: Antique & Vintage Furnishings Appraiser

Patricia Penke - Antique & Vintage Furnishings AppraiserAs the founder and CEO of an estate sales business; author of the book "Stop Throwing Cash In The Trash", and as a collector myself who has researched and sold collectibles and antiques for over 20 years; I've spent countless hours at auctions, flea markets, garage/tag sales, rummage, yard sales and in local thrift stores to find the "diamonds in the rough."

Often mistaken for trash, some vintage items can be valuable-true treasure just waiting to be discovered.   Did you know a pair of vintage pair of Sneakers, or a stuffed animal can sell for over $1,000?   Let's go treasure hunting!

Interview this Expert About: *

What vintage or antique items are valuable and collectible today?
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
  1. How can you find out what the newest vintage buying trends are?

  2. Where are the best places to find these treasures?

  3. What was one of your best finds? 

  4. How can I flip these items for huge profits?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Author of the book, "Stop Throwing Cash In The Trash" 
  • Blog writer-turntrash2cash
  • CEO of an estate sales company
  • Experienced eBay vintage and antique seller
  • Antique appraiser
Expert's Website: http://www.patriciapenke.com
Booking Contact Email: * penkepatty@hotmail.com
Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (402) 592-8806
Expert's Location and Time Zone: *
Omaha, NE central time

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