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Nakiya Smalls: Storyteller at Heart

Nakiya Smalls - StorytellerBeing a survivor of a daughter and grandson brutally murdered - a story of sex, drugs, lies and murder is nothing short of a made for TV and the big screens story.

The Author, Nakiya Smalls, talks candidly and raw about life on the other side of the tracks and the repercussions.   Her story encompasses her sexual escapades, teenage pregnancy, drugs, fatherlessness, crimes, and the untimely and horrifying murder of her daughter and 8-month-old grandson by his own father a few years ago. 

Nakiya is a Mother, Sister, Friend, a Powerful Survivor, and Author.   She currently works as an administrator.

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  • Nakiya's ultimate purpose is to assist women to escape abusiveness of all kinds.
  • She is available for women empowerment groups, group homes, and seminars.
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  1. How has the murder of your daughter and grandson affected you?

  2. What drove you to write and speak so openly about the abuse in your own life?

  3. In what ways do you think you story could help others?

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Bradenton, Florida


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