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Kerri Kannan: Discover your Innate Ability to Command Consciousness!

Kerri Kannan - Command ConsciousnessWith over 20 years teaching, coaching, speaking and studying spiritual themes, Kerri Kannan has discovered how to harness the power of her own mind to command consciousness for herself and on behalf of others.

People have reported that various areas of their lives have been miraculously healed and improved as a result of listening to her work including spontaneous physical healing, financial windfalls, healed relationships, finding love relationships and business successes beyond their expectations.

She is now sharing this gift and is teaching others how to claim this gift for themselves.

3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *

Top 4 Questions:

1.  We have been hearing about Law of Attraction teachings for years, this sounds very similar yet many people struggle with that. How is this work different?

2.  You say you can Command Consciousness on behalf of others, can you tell us some of the success stories that people have experienced?

3.  Would you be willing to do a Consciousness Alignment for our Audience?

4.  This is very exciting, how can people learn how to do this for themselves?

Other Questions that would be good to ask if the interviewer does not know what to ask:

5.  What is the difference between your work and the work of someone like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks or Anthony Robbins?

6.  Can you explain the difference between "mindset" and "perspective?"

7.  When you say you "Command Consciousness" I would imagine that turn of phrase would trigger many people. Can you explain what you mean by that?

8.  This sounds like what many people have been searching for, almost too good to be true. When did you first discover that this was even a possibility?

9.  This sounds like some very deep esoteric stuff. Is this applicable to both spiritual and religious people? Have you gotten feedback from both religious and spiritual people?

10.  Can this be used for anything? For example, can it be used to re-align people with having more money, finding a soul mate and physical healing?

11.  Are there any limits to the applications? If so, what are they?

12.  Do people need to do a daily mantra or meditation practice to help it work?

13.  Is there anything special people need to do to receive a Consciousness Alignment?

14.  What is the biggest challenge people face when learning how to do this work?

15.  This is very outside of the box, and I imagine that it would be difficult for people to do this on their own without a supportive community. What kind of support do you have in place to help people with something that is so new and so outside of the realm of what is considered "normal?"

16.  You talk about Consciousness as if it were its own individual thing. Can you tell us your understanding of Consciousness?

17.  How does releasing the Personality Perspective help in the success rate of this work? Are their any other teachings that touch on this concept?

18.  Your work focuses on the power of words. Can you elaborate on why you perceive words are so powerful and what makes them different than thoughts?

19.  When people learn how to do this, what kind of success do they typically experience with this work?

20.  With the shift in perspective, and some other things you are saying, this sounds like a back door to enlightenment teachings, can you talk about how the two relate?

Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Founder of the Awakened Life Expo and the World Awakened Project
  • Reiki Master
  • Bestselling Author
  • Ordained Minister
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New York/EDT

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