Molly Larkin: Author & Expert on Health, Healing & Breathwork
Dr. Carla Marie Manly: Passionate Expert on Psychological & Physical Wellness

Thomas S. Russo, Jr.: A Recovering Politician's Guide to Christian Living

Thomas S Russo, Jr. - Politician's Guide to Christian LivingAs a Recovering Politician, I am uniquely qualified to help men with challenges they face in relationships, career, money, health.

I want to bring healing/comfort to others through my book, but also through coaching & speaking engagements.

God has given me several spiritual gifts: the ability to motivate others and articulate messages effectively.   I did so for many years in politics, continue to do so in my town manager duties as well as my teaching endeavors.

Now it is time for me to help men overcome obstacles so they can be better Christian men, fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, friends.
new book - 

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  • Politics and Faith
  • Christian-based life
  • My new book - There Are No Politics In Heaven
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  1. Tell us about your successes/failures in politics.
  2. How and when did you pivot away from politics towards a Christian-based life?
  3. What lessons can you teach others based on your experiences in politics and faith?
  4. Your new book sounds interesting, can you tell us what it is about & how you came to write it?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Author of new book - There Are No Politics In Heaven
  • Town Manager, Newton, NJ
  • Former elected official in two NJ communities (Parsippany and Bernards)
  • Current Adjunct Professor at Pillar College (Undergraduate)and Seton Hall University (Graduate)
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number (Only include this if you want it posted online): (973) 885-0857
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Greater NYC Area - Eastern

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