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* Movie Mom Nell Minow: Movie Reviews with a Parent's Eye *

Nell Minow - Movie ReviewsNell Minow appears every week on radio stations across the country talking about new releases in theaters and on DVD and has over 3000 movie reviews at

Her articles have appeared in USA Today, Family Fun, Daughters, Parents, Beliefnet, and the Chicago Tribune.   She writes for, the Motion Picture Association website Where to Watch, and Huffington Post, and she was Yahoo's movie critic for six years.

She has been profiled in the New York Times, the Economist, Forbes, the Chicago Tribune, Working Woman, CFO Magazine, the Ladies Home Journal, Washingtonian Magazine, and the Chicago Sun Times, and has appeared as The Movie Mom on CBS This Morning, Fox Morning News, NPR, CNN, and dozens of radio stations.  She is available for interviews and for a limited number of stations weekly reviews of movies and DVDs.


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  4. What if he or she has seen it and is terrified?
  5. Why do Disney movies always kill off a parent?
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