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B. Civyl: Discovered Scientific Theory About Origins of Universe

B Civyl - Origins of the UniverseMore an enthusiast than an expert, ten years ago I had a supernatural experience which taught me a scientific theory I call "The Water-like Properties of Matter".

This theory explains the existence of Heaven and the spiritual realm as tangible realities, just as we were taught in our holy texts.

While I have no PhD to support my theory, my goal is not to convince others to believe in what cannot yet be proven, but rather to open dialogue in which my listeners and readers can ponder the infinite possibilities and feel comfortable to share their beliefs with others.

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  • The physical existence of the universe, including Heaven and the spiritual realm
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  1. Can you discuss "The Water-like Properties of Matter" and how it explains the physical existence of the supernatural?

  2. Can you tell us about your own brush with the supernatural and how it helped me to define my beliefs?

  3. Can you explain your view of the purpose of humanity's existence?

  4. Why should we be more open about our beliefs?
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Not an expert, not a conspiracy theorist, just an author and enthusiast
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USA, Eastern Standard Time

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