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* Xanet Pailet: Author & Women's Sexuality & Relationship Expert *

Xanet Pailet - Sexuality ExpertXanet Pailet is a former NYC health care lawyer who lived in a sexless marriage for over two decades.

After my own sexual healing and awakening in 2011, I became a full time sex & intimacy educator and coach.  Author of the new book, "Living an Orgasmic Life", I help women & men heal their relationship with sex, awaken their pleasure, and tap into their inner wisdom and power. 

I am raw and vulnerable in my book, and as a radio show guest, in sharing my own experiences, which makes my story very relatable to all women.

Interview this Expert About: *
  • Women's Empowerment
  • Sexuality
  • Overcoming Trauma
  • Sexless Marriages
  • Dating
  • Relationships
  • Intimacy
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Holistic Pelvic Care
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
  1. How does shame impact our sexuality and how can we alleviate it?

  2. What causes a woman to lose her desire for sex and how can she reclaim her libido?

  3. Is there really hope for a sexless marriage or relationship?

  4. How does physical trauma from childbirth, major illnesses or injuries, impact a woman's sex life and is there a way to heal these more emotional wounds?

  5. What blocks us from experiencing intimacy with a partner and how can we remove those blocks?

    What does it mean to "live an orgasmic life". Do you have to be in a relationship in order to live orgasmically? 

Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Xanet is a certified Somatica® Sex and Intimacy Coach
  • Sexological Body Worker
  • Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner
  • Tantra Educator and Somatica Experiencing Trauma Practitioner.
  • She is on the faculty of the Ecstatic Living Institute and the Somatica Insti
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (415) 562-7018
Expert's Location and Time Zone: *
California, PST

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