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* Douglas Smythe: The Man Who Made Shaving Sexy Again! *

Douglas Smythe - Shaving ExpertDouglas Smythe was first introduced to traditional shaving as a child watching his dad shave on the weekends.  

Fast forward to today and find him and his business, Phoenix Shaving, trailblazing on the forefront of the Traditional Wet Shaving revival we are currently seeing crop up around the world.

Douglas is co-host of the popular morning show I'd Lather Be Shaving & organizer of The Big Shave West, held each year in Los Angeles, Ca. He is a lively online personality and a dynamic key note speaker on all things male grooming w/ a concentration in the art and technique of traditional shaving.

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  • Male Grooming
  • Traditional Shaving
  • Collecting Vintage Razors, Perfuming, & Aftershaves
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  1. Why is Traditional Shaving better than modern cartridge razor shaving?
  2. Is Aftershave Really Necessary?
  3. How does one begin Traditional Shaving?
  4. What inspired you to start your business?
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Arizona Time

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