Dr. Mamie Smith: Author & Expert of Self Improvement & Spirituality
Christian Cipollini: Organized Crime Author & Historian

Danielle Derisse: My Broken Beginning Lead to a Life of Strength

After being sold by my dad in Haiti, it was over 20 years before I was reunited with my family again.

I have been through homelessness with 2 children and abuse all while carrying the burden of the real story about my family.   I used many of life's hardships to become a strong survivor.  After being adopted by an American family, my life changed for the better.

All of these events have opened my eyes and helped me to be able to help others through their struggle.  I wanted to return that favor by helping other people who were in a hard place.

I have lived the hard life, and I want to be a voice of strength for others.  You don't want to miss my story.

Interview this Expert About: *
  • Adoption
  • Homelessness
  • Kids
  • Abuse


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  1.  How long were you homeless? 
  2.  Forgiveness, was it hard to forgive after experiencing such trauma as a child? 
  3. After a rough childhood, why did you want to reunite with your family? 
  4. How are you now able to help people who find themselves in hopeless life situations? With such a rough childhood, how were you able to change your life for the better? 
  5. Why was it important for you to forgive the people in your life who have brought you so much pain in the past?
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Renton, WA Pacific time

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