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Danielle Derisse: My Broken Beginning Lead to a Life of Strength

Christy Monson: Finding Peace in Times of Tragedy

Christy Monson - Finding PeaceI'm a retired therapist and have mentored many clients through tragedy in their lives.

I have published the following books:

Love, Hugs, and Hope, When Scary Things Happen
                            *  Becoming Free, A Woman's Guide to Internal Strength
                            *  Family Talk
                            * Finding Peace in Times of Tragedy

I love talking about creative visualization and meditation as methods of healing from trauma.   They are also great ways to stay healthy and keep a positive attitude.

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  • Creative Visualization
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  1. How do I overcome anxiety in my life?
  2. How do I overcome negative thinking?
  3. Have you got a quick pick-up for my down days?
  4. How do I find joy in life?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Nevada and Utah
Expert's Website: http://www.christymonson.com
Booking Contact Email: * christymonson@gmail.com
Booking Contact Public Phone Number (Only include this if you want it posted online): (801) 920-3021
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Mountain Standard Time

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