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Russ Castle: Author & Expert on Real Estate Investing

Russ Castle - Author & Expert on Real Estate InvestingThirty plus years of Real Estate Investing experience.

Not just theory, Russ actually does this day in and day out.

Russ knows the tips and tricks to owning residential rental property from an owner, investor, and insider’s point of view.

He works daily with hundreds of real estate investors.Russ has the “insider secrets” to saving on expenses including what to look for in properties, tenants, and so much more! help you succeed.

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  • Real estate investing
  • Landlord/apartment owner insider tips
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  1. Should I invest in multiple properties and why or why not?
  2. What does it take to be a successful landlord?
  3. What are the landlord's do's and don't's of tenants.
  4. What is the best way and programs to protect my real estate investments?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
Russ Castle is a rental property owner, a business owner, and a 3rd generation independent insurance broker specializing in residential rentals for California.
He is an author of “Growing Your Real Estate Empire” sold on Amazon.
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California and Pacific Time Zone

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