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Curtis Bailey, Senior Scam Prevention Expert

Curtis Bailey - Senior Scam Prevention ExpertI am a practicing Elder Law Attorney in the St. Louis Metro area.

I am the co-Director of Senior Scam Action Associates devoted to educating seniors, their caregivers, and professionals that serve seniors about how to recognize, prevent and recover from scams and other forms of financial abuse.

Interview this Expert About: *
  • Senior Scam and Fraud Recognition, Prevention and Recovery
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
  1. What are the dead giveaways of a scam or fraud?
  2. What are the emotional hooks scammers use to exploit seniors?
  3. What legal tools can a caregiver use to help seniors prevent and/or recover from scams and fraud?
  4. How can professionals help seniors avoid scams and fraud?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Practicing Attorney for 23 1/2 years
  • Focused on Elder Law issues
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