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Michael Diamond: Business Blogger & Technology Executive

Mike Diamond - Business BloggerMike shares stories and concepts that engage audiences while providing actionable wisdom to apply to their lives.

He shares leadership and personal effectiveness insights that come from his past as a Military Intelligence officer in the United States Army Reserve (Desert Storm veteran) as well as a career leading teams for high-growth tech companies.

He currently is an executive for the company that invented the ability for bank customers to deposit a check using their mobile phone.

In addition to his blog, he is a frequent speaker at fintech/innovation conferences and business schools.

Interview this Expert About: *
  • Business
  • Leadership 
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fintech & Digital Banking
  • Military lessons to apply to civilian leaders
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
  1.   What lessons can today's leaders learn someone like Gene Kranz (NASA)?
  2.   What are some leadership principles that have helped you lead global teams?
  3.   Why did you start a blog about leadership, innovation and personal effectiveness five years ago? What have you learned in the process?
  4.   What are the traits you think will be most important in the future economy? How should young people prepare for a great career?
  5.   You were in Military Intelligence in the Army during Desert Storm. What were some lessons you learned during your military service that you've applied to your career?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Legal officer of a public company 
  • A career in high-tech 
  • Experienced speaker 
  • Blogger
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“Michael is a phenomenal guest. He's knowledgeable in his field and shares valuable leadership advice. He's someone worth talking to if you're looking to become a better leader and grow intellectually. You'll come out being more knowledgeable after speaking with Michael.”

  • Chris Alarcon

Host, “Financially Well Off” Podcast


“Michael Diamond is a great speaker and was an awesome guest to have on my program! He used stories to illustrate his points which made for great listening and gave my listeners valuable insights. As an accomplished blogger on leadership, innovation and personal effectiveness, Michael is the sort of guest who makes a show stand out.”

Jamil Jama

The Law of Business Podcast


"Michael Diamond is a tremendously engaging speaker and graciously shared a wealth of knowledge for my audience on the Heroic Investing podcast.  My audience is comprised of active duty Service members, First Responders and Veterans that are looking to improve their financial lives through a successful second career, business or real estate investing. Michael's story of success beyond our current careers as public servants, through finding a successful career and becoming an 'Intrapreneur' or starting our own businesses as an entrepreneur was inspirational. He also provided timeless wisdom that will take our listeners far in their next chapter, like 'Leaders are Readers' and that it doesn't have to be YOUR business for you to prosper and thrive. I could not more highly recommend Michael, introduce him to your audience NOW!"

Gary Pinkerton

Heroic Investing Podcast


“Michael Diamond is that rare guest who leaves both his host and the audience wishing the program lasted longer so they could learn even more from him. A talented communicator, Diamond is articulate and insightful, imparting his wisdom and the benefits of his multi-dimensional life experience by sharing colorful anecdotes. If your audience has an appetite to learn actionable techniques for better leadership, innovation, personal effectiveness, and team building, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect guest than Michael Diamond.”

Dean Rotbart, is the host of Monday Morning Radio, which weekly reaches more than 65,000 opt-in business owners and entrepreneurs.  Rotbart, a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist, was previously a reporter and columnist for The Wall Street Journal.

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