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Andrea Stenberg: LinkedIn & Facebook Marketing Coach

Andrea Stenberg - LinkedIn & Facebook Marketing CoachAndrea is a lively and engaging speaker who will teach your audience what they need to know to market themselves online and inspire them to take action.

She demystifies social media marketing for her baby boomer audience by speaking in non-technical terms and giving practical advice. 

Andrea focuses on LinkedIn and Facebook marketing but can also discuss Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter as marketing tools for small business.

Interview this Expert About: *
Social Media Marketing for Small Business and Solopreneurs
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
1. Why do so many people find it difficult to navigate LinkedIn?
2. On LinkedIn sometimes I get invitations from people I don't know. Should I accept them?
3. People are saying it's getting harder to reach people on Facebook. Is it time to abandon it for something else?
4. Is it worthwhile to spend money on Facebook advertising?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
20+ years marketing experience, award-winning blogger, Owen Sound Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year 2010
Expert's Website: http://thebabyboomerentrepreneur.com/
Booking Contact Email: * andrea@thebbe.ca
Booking Contact Public Phone Number  (519) 377-3223


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