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* Art Fair Expert Connie Mettler, Publisher of and *

* Scott Fox, Internet Startup Strategy Coach and Best-selling Author *

Internet Lifestyle Business Startup Strategy CoachScott Fox can help your audience learn how to startup and grow their own "lifestyle business" on the Internet.

A self-made "Click Millionaire" and the author of 3 best-selling books about Internet startups, Scott offers your audience entertaining, smart, proven strategies for finding a good business niche online, the easiest ways to build a website today, and finding success as an Internet entrepreneur.

Plus, he'll offer your listeners a free pass to the exclusive Internet Lifestyle Business Coaching Forum.

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internet business, online marketing, startups, lifestyle business, social media, e-commerce, entrepreneurship

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What's the best business to start online today?
What is a "Click Millionaire"?
What's a "lifestyle business"?
Isn't it too late to start a profitable Internet business?

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Founder and Host of, Author of 3 best-selling books, Successful serial internet entrepreneur.

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