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Connie Mettler Art Fair ExpertEveryone loves going to art fairs and art fair expert Connie Mettler has attended, organized, and run more fine art shows than anyone!

Connie's art show expertise can offer your listeners insights into the fun world of art fairs, fine arts, jury selection, the art show business and the working artists lifestyle.

As an exhibiting artist's partner for 20+ years, Connie turned her expertise into profitable web sites that serve the artist and art fair patron communities.

Interview this Expert About:

art fairs, artists, art fair tourism, art collecting, art show events

3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *

What are the best art fairs to attend?
Which art shows are the best for artists?
In which regions of the country are art events most popular?
What makes a "good" art fair?

Summary of Expert Credentials: is the #1 Google-ranked source for fine art show events listings nationwide. is the #1 online community for the working artists who are the soul of your community's favorite art festivals, shows, and events.

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connie @


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