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Christine Smith: President Trump Expert, Christian Female Commentator

Christine Smith - President Trump ExpertA charismatic speaker, she has been invited as a guest speaker before political gatherings ranging in audience size from 100 to over 1,000, and has been interviewed as a guest on over 80 radio shows.

On domestic/foreign policy of the Trump administration, she has done extensive research, analysis, and public commentary on a wide variety of issues from immigration to Iran or North Korea.

If it's Trump policy or news, or about Pres. Trump, or the evil of radical liberals and Democrats, she can discuss and share fact-based, and spiritually based, opinion on many such topics.

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  • President Trump
  • Foreign & domestic policy
  • The evil of radical liberals/Democrats/feminists in America
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She is particularly often asked to appear on shows due to topics covered in her many political essays found at her Trump page (essays & radio archives): http://www.christinesmith.us/page100.html CHOOSE AN ESSAY and invite her on to interview her about it or pitch with other topic(s) or in general about Trump's presidency - whatever you'd like to discuss: She says, "Ask me anything!"

Summary of Expert Credentials:
Essayist, political commentator, public speaker, student of history, Austrian economics, the U.S. Constitution and The Bible
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Colorado (Mountain Time Zone)

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