Rev. Stephanie Clarke: Irreverent Reverend, Hot Speaker/Author on God & Sex
Jon Robert Quinn: National Talk Show Host / Business Coach

Anita Marie York: Senior Writer Looks at Modern Christendom, cries "Foul"

Me2_optI have been a Bible scholar for close to sixty years, and I have written extensively on religious topics, being published in a monthly religious journal many times.

I have published two books, and the latest is a searching look at modern Christendom in comparison """"""""""PPPPPPPPPPPOwith the Christianity of the First Century believers.
The title is, "Is Your Jesus the Bible Jesus?"
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Bible Christianity and modern religious practices.
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  1. Describe your personal spiritual journey. 
  2. What prompted you to write your book? 
  3. What is the most important message in your book? 
  4. What results from reading your book do you most hope for among your readers?
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Long-time Bible scholar and writer.
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