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Suzanne S Farmer: Homeschooling Mompreneur

Patrick C Notchtree: A Memoir of a Gay Man's Life

This trilogy of his own life through the eyes of his avatar Simon telling a story of love and loyalty, betrothal and betrayal, triumph and tragedy; charting his attempts to rise above the legacy of a traumatic childhood.

The 1st book deals with his friendship and eventually love affair with an older boy, the 2nd his teenage years and early adulthood, the 3rd his struggle to maintain equilibrium and the consequences of his failure at one point to achieve that.

It's an exciting and sometimes terrifying life story.

Also,  author of a book about the apostrophe with a unique approach for correct use.

Interview this Expert About: *

  • Sexuality
  • LGBT
  • Older married gay men
  • Growing up gay in 20th century in UK
  • Early sexualisation
  • English grammar
  • apostrophe usage
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
  1. Do you think that the early sexualisation you had affected your later sexual orientation
  2. What do you see as the particular problems faced by older gay men who got married in times of intolerance?
  3. Western societies are now more open to LGBT people, so do you think the battle is over; and what about places in the world where LGBT people are discriminated against or even killed?
  4. Your book, “Apostrophe Catastrophe” defined just one rule for the use of the apostrophe, how did you arrive at this unique system?
Summary of Expert Credentials:

  • Grew up gay in 20th century UK
  • Retired head teacher with interest in linguistics
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United Kingdom

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